Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Flying First Class

On Fridays I (sometimes) link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for a writing flash mob. I write for five minutes on the topic Lisa-Jo has chosen. Today's writing prompt is fly.

Sometimes you have to let go of some baggage before you can learn to fly, and for me that was a long journey. My fears were many and often revolved around being away from my children. I used them as my security blanket. I was excited to travel the world with my sweet husband, but only as long as our children were along as my insurance. I know. This is some weird (il)logic, but there it is.

The funny thing is that last month I was on ten planes in fourteen days and never was it with my children. They are, after all, living lives of their own now at ages 24 and 19.

Learning to fly looks different for all of us. My fears are not your fears and your fears are not mine. My fears controlled me to an extreme that kept me from leaving home alone. My leap into flight didn’t come overnight. It was a gradual climb, occurring only after crash landing in a pit of anxiety and depression. My leap included years of study and prayer with God, a kind therapist, a vigilant and loving husband and children who never judged me for my weaknesses.

If you’re still tied to the ground, my heart is tender for you. I have felt your pain. Your path to flight will not look like mine, but it is there. Let go of what holds you down. Let go and fly, because on this flight we all fly First Class.


  1. Great post. I too get scared to fly. Hopefully God will give me the peace with it that He did you!

  2. I loved your FMF post, and now I'm roaming around on your blog reading some great quotes and posts. Nice to meet ya!
    God bless you today.

  3. I'm glad you are free to roam about the country and that your family has always been supportive. My fear is for my fledgelings as they leave our nest...but as with any fear, the only one who can do anything with it is God (and you're right, he has a pretty First Class plan).

    1. I struggled hard with that fear of letting our oldest go, but have done much better the second time around.

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart here. It's always good to hear how our faithful God frees us from the things that bind us. Thanks for the encouragement. I love your ending is First Class! :)