Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And the Kingdom of God Came Near - A Family Reunited

Recently I wrote about the sadness and despair that settled on me after attending The Justice Conference. Life continues to offer hardship and being in community and loving others gives me a close up view of pain. It can be a difficult path to walk, and I often struggle not to be overwhelmed by this misery.

And then yesterday. 

Yesterday, Kevin and I went to the airport to greet our friends Calvin and Jackson’s parents and three younger siblings. Calvin and Jackson arrived as refugees in Boise nearly two years ago. Alone. Without their parents. I don’t think Americans can fully grasp the pain this caused them. I have not seen the close family bonds my African friends share replicated in American families. We try, but find it difficult to grasp what they have experienced, the harshness of their lives before arriving in the safety of the United States. We try but we can’t really. And these shared harsh realities create a bond of love between family members that our easy lives in America do not often achieve.

This world offers so many cruel, difficult to bear and sometimes life threatening, life taking experiences. But yesterday it did not. Yesterday it offered something else. Yesterday I saw the kingdom of God come very near. Yesterday a family was reunited. Hearts that were aching, now rejoice. A beloved father and mother wrapped their arms around their sons and the angels sang with them.

I’m grateful to be part of a world that sometimes breaks my heart, but also sings with joy at our triumphs.

Today I sing.

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