Friday, January 29, 2016

The Bittersweet Goodbye

Last night we said goodbye to our friend, Fabrice. Today we are sad. And we rejoice. 

One year ago eleven year old Fabrice arrived in Boise from Rwanda to receive medical care. Fabrice was suffering from a deep bone infection and without the generous care provided by St. Luke's Medical Center, a skilled pediatric surgeon and Walgreens pharmacy, today he would not have his left leg. 

When I first met Fabrice, he was in a wheelchair. While in Boise he had multiple surgeries and progressed from wheelchair to crutches to running and jumping and playing soccer. Next week Fabrice will fly home to Rwanda. He will return to his mom and dad and siblings, including a baby brother he barely knows. 

For the last several months Fabrice has been part of our children's bible study. He speaks the same language as our refugee friends. Fabrice will be missed. His smile could light the world. His heart for Jesus nearly bursts from his chest. His hand was always the first to shoot up when we asked who would like to pray. His insight into who Jesus is, is profound. 

Last night we said goodbye. We circled around him. Three adults and fifteen children. We put our hands on him and the children prayed. Some in English, some in Kinyarwanda. I tried not to cry as I listened to my young friends pour out their hearts to God, as their faith touched us. 

Afterwards, I hugged Fabrice hard and said, "We will always pray for you. God’s blessing is on you and your future is big.”

We are grateful to have shared this past year with Fabrice. Our lives are richer because of him.

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17

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