Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some Things I've Learned About Winter Travel

I travel often and after years of trial and error have developed some specific travel habits. Here I share the knowledge I have gained for my fellow, crazy winter travelers. 

Planes are cold but coats are bulky and uncomfortable, so in the winter I always wear a sweater with a hood and bring a lightweight wool wrap to use as a blanket. Slip your coat into your carry on, or if you're feeling lucky, into your checked bag. 
12 hour plane rides are the best. . . 

Bring your slippers and your sweatpants. It will feel silly and granny-like when sliding slippers into your suitcase, but your feet will thank you when lounging in your hotel room or Airbnb apartment. 

Layers are your friend. You never know what the weather may bring. The weather app lies to me all the time! 

Long underwear or tights and then jeans. Your legs will thank you! 

The warmest boots you have and wool socks. Thank you Uggs, although why Australians need sheepskin lined boots, remains a mystery. 
that time we flew from Rome to Copenhagen
and packed all our clothes (apparently)

When you return indoors after a long walk, leave your coat on until you’re warm. This prevents a chill which can last all day. In cafes I often take my husband’s coat and drape it over my legs until I’m warm. And wear your hat all day. 

Wear your sunglasses even when it’s cloudy to keep the wind from your eyes. 

Be very sure that picture you want is worth frostbite. This is a hard rule to follow, and I am always breaking it. 

The coffee shop is your warmest friend. 

And always walk on the sunny side of the street. 

Happy Travels!

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