Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What About Me

I was having a look at my blog this evening - and you should know that I am entirely captivated by the look of my blog. Silly because it's just a free blog template from Google's Blogger, but I am enthralled by its design and color. I think that may speak to my level of self-absorption but let's pretend otherwise please. My intent was to update the "About Me" portion of my blog. I say "update" but really what I mean is "write," because currently there is one entire line on the "About Me" page. I can only describe writing my own bio in this way - yuk!

So here's what I wrote instead.

I want to wake up every day giving my life to God, asking him to use me to make someone's life better that day. That's what I want. Honestly, though that doesn't always happen. Like everyone I have my issues or what I call "my stuff," because you know this is real life and it's messy. Much of the time I'm entirely too self-absorbed, critical, cranky, scared, worried and downcast. You may not think so (or maybe you do!) because I'm pretty darn funny (and humble) and funny can hide all manner of things, but it is so.

In all this imperfection, I find so much comfort in these words from Carl Medearis, "I know the one place I can't go wrong is the place where Jesus is.  I can be weak, sinful, foolish, and even rebellious.  I can fail others, ruin ministries, fumble my work, and still, I cannot go wrong when I stand with fear and trembling, knowing only Jesus."

"Oh, thank God - he's so good! His love never runs out." Psalm 107:1

"Come near to God and he will come near to you." James 4:8

I'll keep working on that "About Me" page.

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