Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: They Are All Beloved

Today's writing prompt: BELOVED (A person who is dearly loved)

At 15 my beloved and I found each other.
Not the norm we know!

At 22 this beloved came into my life.

At 27 God gave me this beloved.

My life is more than I dreamed. So much more. And I know it. Every. Single. Day.

I desire that God open my heart to a bigger concept of beloved. That those who aren't as visible become visible and beloved to me. To all of us.

Today, these sweet ones are also beloved.

God, please open my heart so that each face is beloved to me. Just as each face is beloved to you.


  1. Love this!! My husband and I only have one baby so far, but someday I hope we can grow our family through adoption or fostering, not "just" biological children. Adoption is such a poignant reminder of how WE are beloved by God.

    1. Hi Nikki - Thanks for reading. I love adoption but, alas, these sweet ones are friends from Congo. They are a joy.

  2. Beautiful and lovely.... beloved to all of us!!

  3. Shawna, that was precious! Thanks for sharing, thanks for caring, thanks for being beloved yourself. Your cousin, Kathy Jo Duterrow Jones

  4. To see everyone as God sees; beloved, is my prayer, too! Thank you for sharing your beloveds with us. Precious. All.